We must understand that religious groups are microcosms where the same problems that occur in the streets are present: within these there are no better people, but no more bad than any of us. They are liable to make mistakes. Not always and at all times, but frequently my problems with pornography and masturbation come from lack of organization. Other times out of habit in this and not knowing how to change your mind and other times due to the fact that I want to do it, period. Pressure. The pressure of a good caress should be light pressure. This does not mean that it is not noticeable. The caress should be noticeable, but it should be, in a way, like a light breeze that will sweep over the caressed area. Periodically consult your action plan while you carry out the actions aimed at achieving your goal. Reread what you must do every day to really transform it. You can re-evaluate it once a week or per month if you need to readjust certain deadlines or actions. During all this time to finish and publish my blog, I review my action plan daily and make small improvements and corrections along the way.

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