They like sexually attractive women in their social and cultural level, for example, some will not mind that they behave in a vulgar way and others will prefer them polite and very elegant, but all have to be sexually provocative. Qualities like intelligence, ethics, morals, talents, and abilities are not very important in selecting which ones to stick with in the end.

I have known couples who have been together for more than 30 years and pour love into each and every look, they are careful, they are attentive in their relationship, they are affectionate with each other, they respect each other, always and at all times they talk well about their partner, and I do not want to say that they have not had problems, as everyone has, but they have worked together so that the good remains considerably stronger than the challenges they may have, and they know that always and in all circumstances, they always count one with the other.

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Women who go to such places are ordinarily interested in having fun, dancing, drinking alcohol, and meeting men. Consequently, you have the opportunity to meet prospective women who would surely have embarrassed you in another context.

Having as an erotic preference, to serve as an example, voyeurism is not a psychiatric problem, the fact that this choice involves a neurosis is not a psychological inconvenience, it is an understanding of the sexual fact. Having, for example, erectile or ejaculatory dysfunction or vaginismus is not, in 99.9 percent of cases, an organic disorder, it is a matter of understanding what sex is.

Thin, submissive, tender, young, adventurous, lustful … Any of these words could serve to describe me. My name is Cristal and I want to enjoy an unforgettable adventure full of passion with a man who knows how to value the company of someone like. Enjoy my curves, enjoy the soft, silky and red-hot touch of my precious natural breasts, be ecstatic with the nectar of my kisses and let my caresses cover you. Forget about everything that is not enjoying yourself and get ready to experience the melancholy of missing me. I am waiting for you to discover to what extent the pleasure can be intense when enjoyed next to a young Canarian like me. Let me cover you with the warmth and sweetness of my home island.

Each and every one, try that the things that you can notoriously

Prepare calmly and in advance our presentation to the other, relate it calmly, do not stumble when we are counting our talk or request, feel and see ourselves safe, even if the other shouts or despairs, we will calm the situation with reassuring words and encouragement, we will expose what is necessary and we will clarify the importance and value of talking about our problems in order to move forward.

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That is something that neither you nor I can explain to ourselves at first. I ask myself other additional questions. How did you, so intuitive, with so much emotional intelligence, not realize who the donor really was? In what way did you choose him, out of each and every one of the possible men? Likewise, people are very different. There are heterosexuals, homosexuals, asexuals, etc. There are young people, adults and older adults. There are people who voluntarily inhibit their sexuality for different reasons, to take a religious example.

Slow sex, a step in human evolution

The letters with real inconveniences, many written in blood and tears, reflect the sexual problems of Hispanics in each and every one of the counties of New York City, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Boston, Massachusetts and in other cities of the USA. . From Connecticut, Chicago, Illinois and even from the Dominican Republic, I have received letters with questions about your problems. Here are the responses to some of those letters. The answers have been expanded for this post since I do not have the space limitation that I had in the newspaper.