The time factor in relationships needs to be addressed early enough before it becomes a persistent problem. It must first be understood that both members of the couple require time for themselves. Otherwise there will be resentments that will give rise to arguments and friction. The time factor is critical and any couple that does not want to end badly must keep it in mind and understand the needs of each one. There's nothing wrong with wanting to have a little personal space of your own.

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To continue the study, I must say that I will continually mention the word CHI, whose Chinese meaning simply indicates the air we breathe; air that when mixed with other nutrients, such as water and food, produce energy that directly feeds the blood, meat, bones, heart, liver, kidneys and glands, etc. Air is a food that contributes to the functions of the body in including the brain, where the acts of meditating, speaking, creating dreams, and others take place. Without air, water and food we would not live.

Synonyms: off-premise

The subconscious evolutionary infatuation is the one that is not linked to a personal development of the individual, with which he tends to tend to long relationships, but not happy for that. You have fallen in love, but you are not aware of why, and when there is difficulty, doubts arise. I remember one night where I felt more alone than ever, full of fears and expectations of what could happen if I made the decision to end my marriage. I asked my husband to seek help from a couples specialist as our communication was non-existent and together we had not been able to harmonize our life together.

Laura released her buttocks and slowly stood up. She had to accept that it didn't hurt, but she felt very full. She wasn't sure how she would feel when she sat down. She was ready to say something to Tom when the phone rang. Whatever you choose, to have a partner or to be alone, it will always be your responsible and respected resolution, but always seek your happiness and never lose your dignity. After almost three decades by the side of my beloved husband, I can tell you with total conviction, it is really worth doing, there are no regrets, no regrets for the adventures or misadventures, each of them of the problems we have overcome, each one of the experiences we have lived, each one of the things we have learned, are worth it. I don't know if there are better things than being with a partner you love and with whom you feel truly loved, I just know that this trip can be fantastic and it's not that difficult to achieve it, being able to reach the highest level of intimidation, satisfaction , confidence and well-being that someone can have with their partner, such as being in a bra and panties

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Learn to meditate 'dirty'

It is a kind of alarm that we have inherited from our ancestors and that warns us of an indefinite risk that has to do with the other sex. That day there is no talk of football in the office, no jokes are made… or anything. You stand in front of the PC, you keep your mouth shut, you don't look at anyone or anything, and you just work in silence, hoping that nothing happens to you while you watch the knives fly.

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Today from my mature and carefree age, I look back on my years of longing for men to like me and found that I now feel more relaxed. At my age, cellulite no longer only matters, but it is mandatory, the same as the skin of each and every one that finally obeys the law of gravity. With powder shadows, dark circles concealer and five kilograms of liquid makeup, the wrinkles continue to be seen. I can finally smoke as much as I want, without fear of my complexion wilting! I no longer spend thousands of pesos on exclusive dresses and I said goodbye to high heels. I laugh when I want to, I shut up when I need to meditate, I cut my hair so I don't have to fight with sprays or gels to hold it in place and I have accepted myself as I am (with all my little and big quirks), the result? Some not inconsiderable marital proposals, if it weren't for my resolution to live alone until I die.

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