Although the reality in which we live may seem solid, when we study it under the electron microscope and break it down into smaller particles, to understand how it is made inside we find that, in reality, reality is not solid, it is energy! This melting pot of opinions profoundly marked the character of that people, giving it a peculiar and intense spirituality that shines through in each and every one of the facets of its life. Thus, medicine and everything related to body care is tainted by a conception of man that is very different from that of the Western planet.

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I've seen guys write sly messages alluding to sex in their bios. Most women are assaulted by men who talk about sex and will instantly label them depraved. The idea of holding it in your pants also applies to your psyche.

In the 16th century, abundant poems and texts emerged that cite the concern of pimps to obtain contraceptives and abortifacients for whores, citing recipes, compounds, antidotes, liniments and utensils for the trade, together with clothing and makeup. We have previously summoned the verses of Maturin Règnier that describe the tools of a prostitute of the Mauvais Gite, whose room he visited around the year 1600. His poem Discours d?une vielle masquerelle (a Celestine), mentions an abortion carried out with a potion: A gentleman of authority he acquired my virginity and, later, with a drug, my mother, who acted arrogant when they talked about this, made me a virgin again in 3 days.

Subsequently, the next step in the development of sexuality is the exploration of the body of that which is different from oneself, of women in the case of men and of men in the case of women. It is then when the sexual organs are fully mature and functional and heterosexuality is clearly established in most cases, then the other sex becomes tremendously attractive, it is so different from oneself, it is so fascinating that the need to explore the other arises. another, to discover the secrets that it has and unravel the mystery of that intense and passionate attraction that one gender lucid in the other. And it turns out that the opposite sex is not just different in

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I had no romantic feelings for my date, as we were just friends as far as I was concerned. But, when we hit the dance floor, he was nothing but soft and attentive to me. After two slow dances, I was very attracted to him. Suffice to say, it made me feel very unique and beautiful. I had a fantastic night with my date and it turned out to be more than I had originally planned. I want my husband to describe what happened, as this was a night neither of us will ever forget.

Do the same with your thighs and, progressively, with other parts of your body

Get into that destructive state that makes you feel depressed/wishful/stressed… For example, you have a pattern of being overwhelmed (How would you stand? What would your physiology be like?) Your head may be down. You are focusing on shame or how things never change. Wherever you are, generally at home or wherever you are when you are asked to perform, go to your home. Say the things you say to yourself when you're in that state. I feel horrible, I feel like a loser, I'm embarrassed… Feel that emotional state intensely. Keep affirming these negative thoughts until your physiology matches (your body is slumped, your head is down…). What you usually say and feel in that state, say and feel with intensity.

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Christianity is something more than fraternization and pacification, it is a philosophy of Life. Too bad the terms blog, spirit and resurrection have grabbed all the attention. This is due to the egotistical attitude of the man, all blind, who attend the blog so that justice and luck protect them; they assist the spirit so that it gives them sanity and joy and they attend the resurrection because they do not admit that death is an inherent fact of living beings.

The use of sex toys in your sexual life as a couple can be a very effective and entertaining way to try new sensations and discover other forms of pleasure. The most essential thing when you use an erotic toy is to know yourself well, explore your body and your erogenous zones, keep in mind that if you have only used them on the body of another, you have only had half the experience, so We therefore recommend that before trying any erotic toy with your partner, try it first.

Distinction and the glamor it gives off

Up to this point, we roughly understand what BDSM is, we can already have our role defined, we have already seen the easiest bases for practice, now we are going to another fundamental point such as the names for the game. What is sexsomnia? Sexsomnia is a type of parasomnia, that is: a sleep disorder (such as sleepwalking) that includes sexual behaviors that can range from the vocalization of moans to sexual abuse through caresses, masturbation or sexual intercourse complete and permitted.

The man can, thanks to this posture, take the woman's feet and mark a certain rhythm

Since time immemorial, works, compendiums, manuals, posts or manuscripts have been written about good behavior and good customs. One of them is the Manual of Courtesy and Good Forms, better known as the Carreño Manual, by Manuel Antonio Carreño, a great Venezuelan thinker.

Thinking is closely related to feeling and acting: when I believe more in something, I start to feel and my actions go in that direction. If when I am going to leave the house I breathe in the environment and I feel the sensation that it is going to rain despite the fact that I look at the sky and it is bright and clear, but my intuition tells me that it will rain, even if I am not seeing the evidence, I believe in my instincts, I take my umbrella and go out.

If your date is kind of a shy person, then you need to find ways to make him feel more comfortable, especially if you really like him. Ask him to do something for you, like hold a napkin or order something at a restaurant. If you really like him, he'd be glad he did it for you, and it would boost his confidence.

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