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Kissing on the genitals or, directly, oral sex, is one of the few practices on which the Kama Sutra offers little use for contemporary heterosexual men. According to the Vatsyayana texts, blowjob was generally carried out by eunuchs (castrated men) disguised as women or posing as masseuses. It is also performed by men of lower castes and by women of the lowest caste.

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This, of course, raises multiple dilemmas.

The first four chakras, symbolized by the elements, are combined as follows: Muladhara: earth element, Svadhisthana: water, Manipura: fire and Anahata: air. The other 3 chakras already belong to the Sacred in us and just to mention them, the fifth is the Vishudha, the sixth is Agna and the seventh is Sahasrara. Each one corresponds to a cross between the positive and the negative and the energy moves and flows through the plexuses and the column.

Throughout all this writing, I have been shaping the idea that you have to value yourself above all else. That comes to be called good self-esteem, believing oneself to be unique, believing oneself to be a legendary story. If you're not yet, act like you already are. If you don't do it for yourself, do it for them.

As far as the peculiarities are concerned, Sivaism shows a clearer tendency towards asceticism, a possible consequence of having suffered strong influences from some traditions of very radical renunciants who lived their lives in cremation camps.

Is it true that passion only has 2 paths: obsession or sublimation?

Hindu literature, written practically in Sanskrit, but also in Tamil and Pali, the language of the Buddha, has a rich tradition of treatises on sexuality that was discovered in the West from translations of scholars in Indo-European languages.

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As it is an external procedure, it has no hormonal or metabolic repercussions. Additionally, its low cost makes it an accessible method for large population groups. It is more resistant to heat and therefore does not get damaged in the purse, in the glove compartment of the car or in the bag. It is also not weakened by oily lubricants.

Fifty years ago you might have died after a sad and meager sex life. Without getting to know the woman of your dreams, without feeling the pleasure and pride of conquering the most beautiful woman in the place where you are and without feeling the satisfaction of success. In the best of cases, you could have met a woman who cost you a bit of a case, settle for it and marry her… I don't want that for you. I want you to live the life you can achieve. I want you to be the best version of yourself that you can be. And for that reason the blog you are reading right now is written.

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Logically, lack of sexual appetite is not the most appropriate way to face sexual relations.

Now you should bend your partner's knee as much as you can (it will depend on its elasticity). With this we will stretch the liver meridian, to be able to work on it. The support hand continues to rest on the lower abdomen, while the other will continue down the meridian, exerting pressure. For most women, the physique is not the most essential. Many are looking for a man with whom to chat and share their problems. But do not let this make you believe that it is good to tell him about your family or work concerns.